Our Social Impact & Investment Strategy

Communities grow stronger when families are able to achieve their full potential together.

We invest in community development programs to advance social equity and economic justice to achieve multigenerational prosperity.

Civic Mind

Our non-profit programs organize people for social change.

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We are building stronger, more compassionate communities with a deep understanding of the natural connections between yoga philosophy and social justice.

Our innovative brand of yoga education is delivered through the lens of public health, social equity, and community wellness rather than a luxury commodity.

Our work is growing happier, healthier, and more connected communities through compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness.

Civic Mind approached us with the idea and we loved it. It made perfect sense for us to get involved since it’s such a good fit with our mission and our culture of giving back to the people of our state.

Kim Kann

Assistant Vice President

Public Relations & Corporate Communications


The Hartford Times is a legacy media brand styled as “a champion of reform and an advocate of the people.”

Our work revives the Hartford Times as a civics platform to improve Connecticut’s access to information, community connectivity, and media justice through consistent solution oriented engagement, inspirational story-telling, and a shared sense of self-determination.

Our goal is to develop a sustainable, equitable, non-partisan, non-profit multimedia platform promoting community-driven, multigenerational narratives and open, people-centered dialogue, with an aim toward providing historically underrepresented and underserved people access to our democracy.


In Unity There is Strength. This Haitian motto is what comes to mind when describing Civic Mind’s approach to engage all community members in creating and sharing our narrative of who we are.


Godfrey Azima

Director of Partnerships

Connecticut Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity

Stadiums and their teams are an expression of a community’s values and cultural spirit. The best stadiums are designed to build multigenerational prosperity and civic pride for entire cities, states, and regions.

We believe Dillon Stadium should be recognized as a public park and school infrastructure with the goal of building community health and wealth.

Our public interest advocacy exposes Dillon Stadium as a monument to the political corruption, social injustice, and ruling class capitalism crushing Connecticut.


We believe in the shared goal of restoring integrity and trust in our public institutions. We work with Civic Mind to protect our community from exploitation by ferreting out corruption and holding power accountable.


Gregory Jones


Fazzano & Tomasiewicz

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